Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3

IRON MAN 3 comes out tonight. Yay!!!! Dumb soccer practice, taking me away from the opportunity to go see it. Oh well! i can go next weekend hopefully. I am so excited!!!! I have been waiting for this forever!! Iron man is my favorite super hero and Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite actor right now. He is so funny. He is just an amazing person. In Avengers he was so funny. Yay!!! IRON MAN 3!!!!!!!!

Secret Admirer

Remember that guy i was talking about, Canyon. Well he has a secret admirer. He showed me this note the other day. It was so cute. (Hahahahaha) It was like, "Canyon you are such a gentleman and you are so great! I'm surprised that all the girls haven't fallen for you already." It was kind of funny, but cute at the same time. We wrote her a really cool note, but Canyon ripped it up. I was so sad when he told me that. I really like our note. Today we wrote another note. It says, Secret Admirer, YOU ARE WHO? -Canyon It was pretty cool. Then another boy in my publications class wrote on it my name. I was so upset, so then I had to rewrite it. I was a little upset. I love my French class. The other day we finished a movie called "Le Petit Nicholas" It was so funny and cute. There is one part where they make a secret club and they come up with a really cool name and they all say "Way!" which means Yeah in english. It was so funny. My friend, abby, and I keep looking at each other and mouthing, "Way!" I love that class when they behave. When they don't behave that class is so bad. Ugh, sometimes they just get really frustrating. Last night I milked a cow at mutual. It was weird and fun at the same time. I fed some geese too. They kind of scared me because they were hissing at us. The lady at the front desk said it is mating season so they're a little territorial. I was a little scared. Then Carolyn Hammon was spit on by a goat. It was so funny!!! We tried to find the pigs. We couldn't find them. When we found their pin we found them sleeping in their pin. We were a little upset. #lazypigs

Friday, April 26, 2013

Moved to Utah

I moved to Utah this past summer. I LOVE it!!!!! I go to South Davis Junior High. I have so many new friends. If you see comments from the boyfriend I don't have it is from a boy, Canyon Schmerse, in my awesome publications class. I LOVE this class. They are so amazing as well as the teacher. I have gotten to work on the yearbook and I made my own webpage. I love all my classes except my AP class. It seems like a waste of time. I love all my new friends. I am on a soccer team that is amazing. I have an awesome French class that I have learned so much in. Je m'apelle Kennidy. J'ai quinze ans. I am 15 and have the awesomest eighter-tott friends named, Canyon, Jordan, and Carson. I have my learners permit. I am loving driving and have so many great experiences. I love the new ward i am in. I am the Mia Maids president and love all the girls in my class. Well hopefully I will get a new post up soon!!!!!!!! Oh and check this link out ! Click Me!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Leah's Homecoming

This week we are here for my aunt Leah's homecoming from her mission in the East Toronto, Canada mission.
Saturday- We went shopping up in Park City with Leah and my cousins, Asher and Tatiana. I bought some new Aeropostale shirts and they are gorgeous. We basically bought new school clothes. Then after dinner we walked up to the park by my Grandma Creswell's house in Bountiful, Utah.
Sunday- We went to sacrament meeting and listened to Leah's homecoming talk. It was an amazing talk Leah. i loved it.
Monday- Today is monday and so far we have hiked Ensign Peak and you should all do that because of the beautiful veiw. When we got up there my mom told me about when Brigham Young hiked up there and new that was the place because Joseph Smith and Brigham saw that view in a vision so they settled there.
Afterwards we went to the garden and read some different plaques of what happened at that site.  We are planning to go to that park we went to on saturday, after lunch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break

This week is spring break. You may not believe me because everybody else had theirs earlier. So far we have just stayed home cleaning.
Monday- We just stayed home, cleaned our rooms and watched TV.
Tuesday- We did bathrooms and the dishes and we had people over and i had so much fun because there were lots of kids to play with. Little kids.
Wednesday- we plan to go to the park and have a picnic with our friends that were over yesterday. i get to babysit three sets of kids, but at differrent times. i am going to be rich by the end of this week. $$$
Thursday- Planning to go swimming with my friend and her family in minden. Maybe i'll be able to buy candy with all the money i am earning.
Friday- i want to take one of my other friends to go see the new movie prom. I haven't talked to my mom, but hopefully she'll say yes.
Well that's how i plan to spend my week. I am dreading going back to school next week. Hope everyone had a great Easer.

Prom trailer.
 This is for prom the movie.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm starting up snowboarding again. i have three of my best friends doing it with me. Adam aslo has a friend that's coming with him so he's also excited, because last year we didn't have any friends doing it with us. One is snowboarding and the other two are skiing. I have great teachers along with great friends. We've only done it once so far. we do it every friday but this friday we don't have any school so we don't have any work to makeup. i love to snowboard. it's just another talent i can add to my list.

Leah's mission call

My aunt leah got a mission call to toronto, canada. she's in the MTC right now. I'm so excited for her. i want to grow up and be as faithful as her. She's my favorite aunt and I'm going to miss her. We are going to start sending her letters every fast sunday of every month. Leah if you read this i hope you wear warm clothes and you will be safe and thank you for our christmas present. it's been fun to play with it. I might even teach it to my inturmural ( after school program ).


love your niece,
kennidy c.